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Catholic Grooms and Catholic Brides

Guardian Angels help you find the right Catholic Life Partner

Membership Information

Thus you have decided to Marry ! Cinderella's Ashirwad Matrimony / Catholic's Matrimony offers you an opportunity to find the right partner and we will help you take those step in the right direction. Cinderella’s Ashirwad / Catholic's Matrimony is the largest database of Catholic / Christian Brides and Grooms in the World. Our Catholic's / Christian's are spread all across the World with a lot of Grooms and Brides from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Kuwait, Dubai, Gulf, Mumbai, Bangalore, Managalore, Pune, Gujarat, Goa, etc. This is your chance to find the right SoulMate.

We have taken a lot of security to ensure that only genuine Catholic's / Christian's register on our website. While all new memberships are screened, before they are able to browse, it is advisable that if you are serious about finding the SoulMate, it is advised that you upload your own photo and have an active membership to view.

30 Successful Years
Cinderella's Ashirwad / Catholic Matrimony was founded in the year 1989 and has helped more than 2,00,000+ successful marriages [with 0% divorce] all over the Globe including NRI Community. Our website's was formed in 2004 after tremendous amount of research. We've conducted extensive study on successful couples to determine what traits are important for a successful marriage. It's this commitment to “science of mind” that makes Cinderella’s Ashirwad / Catholic Matrimony so unique and the best Catholic / Christian Matrimonial Website in the World..

Now we've taken that experience and created important prospectors and places… which you will find when you search with Cinderella's Ashirwad / Catholic Matrimony, to dig deep into your interior world.

One of the most important tools you need to build a healthy and lifelong relationship is self-knowledge. By giving you two substantial and in-depth reports - one based on who you are and the other based on who is right for you –

We're convinced that you'll be able to choose your life SoulMate of your choice with knowledge and confidence.

Make a Search: Quarterly Membership /  Half Yearly Membership:
You can make a search for a
SoulMate of your choice, you can do the same by choosing the Partner Search link in the menu or the panel displayed on your member home page. Once you choose your criteria, you can view the list of profiles that match your criteria. You can view the detailed profile of the person by clicking on the respective photograph or the profile name and call or email them.

Search: Golden Super Service / International Services:
You need not make a search in Golden or International membership - although you have that option, its we who will send your profile to all the members and the other party will call you or email you.

VIP Membership:
You May Contact us to Know the rates for VIP Membership.


Free Membership

Avail of our services almost immediately and view our large collection of Catholic / Christian Brides and Grooms. To access the benefits of our site, you have to register as a member. All you need to do is take action on our existing matches, and Cinderella’s Ashirwad / Catholic Matrimonial system will keep adding matches for you to choose.

2,00,000+ Members Already Married !!!

Be Inspired!

"Impossible is Nothing"

Register now as a Free Member

Premium Membership

The Premium Membership ensures uninterrupted service which allows you to directly communicate with the profiles, view their details, and get regular updates of new members and recommendations.
It's risk free, so there's nothing to lose.

Membership Tariff
Quarterly Membership :
India [non-professional (upto graduate)]

Rs. 2,000/- ( $40 ) (INDIA search)
[This membership is not applicable for members working abroad or on Ship or for Businessman]

Half Yearly Membership :
India [non-professional (upto graduate)]

One Year Membership :
India [non-professional (upto graduate)] 

Rs. 3,000/- ($ 65) (INDIA search)
[This membership is not applicable for members working abroad or on Ship or for Businessman]

Rs. 5,200/- ($ 90) (INDIA search)
[This membership is not applicable for members working abroad or on Ship or for Businessman]

Golden Super Service :
India person looking out for a Professional partner from India.
Rs. 7,800/- ($ 135) (Valid for 1 years)*
Rs. 10,800/- ($ 180) (Valid for 2 years)
International Services:
Abroad or India working person looking out for a partner from India or Abroad.
Rs. 10,800/- ( $ 180) (Valid for 1 years)*
Rs. 15,800/- ( $ 265) (Valid for 2 years)*

* Members registering should be strictly for marriages.
Personal Search Means:
Profiles which are not on website will be shown.
Please WhatsApp or call to know about Personal Search.
VIP Membership: 
You May Contact us to Know the rates for VIP Membership
[Which starts from Rs. 20,000/- ($ 335)
Business Partner cum Spouse:
Rs. 50,000/- ($750) to Rs. 1 Lakh ($1500)


Start Your Journey With Us - Naturally!
Register Now as a Premium Member

You can deposit your payment via
Demand Draft / Cheque / Net Banking / Direct Transfer
in favour of

" Cinderella's Ashirwad Matrimony "
Account Current
Account No : 00722000002729

( Payable in any HDFC Bank )


" M G E Sequeira "
Saving Account
Account No : 00721000060660
Saving Account

( Payable in any HDFC Bank )

Google Pay Can Be Done on 9422 43 8320 phone number. 

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